It's been 5 yrs since I've last touched ground here. Welcome, 2021? Welcome! 

Here's something I've noticed throughout the years. I've been coming here only when there were things I needed to let out and write. When I've been going through some highs and lows. And probably 5 or 4 yrs ago, there wasn't much to tell or I must've just really forgotten about this, too. 

But, here I am again. Just checking if this blog/journal of mine still works. It still amuses me, though, to see my old entries and witness how much of a mess and a mood swinger I was and probably still am. it amuses me how clumsy and dark, but real my old posts have been. And how much I've been missing and itching to write and compose again. 

Well, here I am again, 2021. So much have changed in the last few years, most especially in the year of 2020. There's a lot that I have and want to say, but let me savour this moment first. 

Let me bask in this new slate, this new beginning. 

Welcome me with open arms, 2021. 

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Paano bumangon?

Paano bumangon sa nakasanayan kong sandalan?

Sa himlayan na akala kong hindi mawawala..

Paano bumangon?

Nang hindi nanginginig ang mga tuhod

sa takot na mahulog pa lalo sa'yo..

Muli't muli nahuhulog sa'yo..

Nahulog na sa'yo..

Paano bumangon?

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Each day I struggle to find
A part of me hidden inside
I look and look and find no clue
As to where I am or even who

I scream out her name
In hope she will come back
The girl when she was sane/tame
Her life was still on track

The quest to search the end
I wake from this temporary insanity

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This is where I rest my thoughts..of thee and I departing..

This is where I rest my thoughts..of things unclear and hurt foreseen..

'til the hand strikes thirteen..

Currently feeling: drained
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I wait for him each day, I do.

I wait for his arrival.

I search the narrow streets at night.

I find no glimpse of his shadow in sight.

Yet, I wait for his arrival.

I wait for him each day, I do.

Currently feeling: nostalgic
Posted by mysticmalison on January 21, 2016 at 01:49 PM | Add a Comment
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